The Louder Coalition gives sexual violence survivors a platform to share their experiences. Here's why this is important.

solidarity over silence

When a survivor shares their story, a number of things happen. Whether it's the first time or the thousandth, being able to give expression to their experience can be cathartic, liberating, and empowering. It helps us to remember that our feelings are valid. It reminds us that it's okay if we're still not okay. 

But breaking our silence also lets other survivors know that they're not alone. It gives them hope for healing, affirmation of their emotions, and can encourage them to share their own story. Suddenly every seemingly weird feeling they've felt no longer isolates them, but is validated.

Additionally, those who haven't dealt with sexual violence on a personal level often need to be exposed to the reality + prevalence of the issue in order to get involved in changing it. It's our hope that sharing these stories will challenge the widely-accepted societal norms and display the importance of ending rape culture, taking self-care seriously, and giving proper consent education.

Share your story + Contribute content

If you would like to share your story, please fill out the form below. We are always looking to collaborate with survivors, artists, and writers, whether you're interested in submitting your own creative project, a video, or a guest blog post, or looking for a creative to connect with to help tell your story. There are so many opportunities to use your experiences to help effect change - and we so appreciate your vulnerability!

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