In a culture that blames its victims, mutes its survivors, and affirms its offenders, we believe there is a need for a louder voice.

Our Mission

We are a coalition of survivors, allies, and creatives dedicated to empowerment + education. We believe that in sharing our stories, we have the ability to actuate healing, break down barriers, and effect change on both a micro and macro level. We believe in giving a voice to those who have been silenced and affirming those who have been shamed. We believe that starting dialogues in our communities and providing proper education will lead to progress. We believe that building bridges - between survivors and allies, law enforcement, legislators, counselors, and advocates - will make us stronger. We believe in speaking above shame and stigmas. We will not be quiet. We are louder.

What We're doing

  • collecting stories from survivors around the world in order to give them the platform they deserve
  • starting + engaging in converations within our communities about rape culture, consent, and other important issues
  • acting as a hub to connect survivors with the tools and support they need to take legal action and find counseling
  • sharing self-care resources ranging from healthy eating to therapy to creative self-expression
  • working with a talented team of photographers that provide survivors with empowering images in order to help reclaim their bodies as their own after the effects of sexual violence (Reclaim Project)