We believe in the power of an honest portrayal of the human body.

what is the reclaim project?

Our hope is that by connecting survivors with photographers, we can create images that will convey that their bodies + their sexuality belong wholly to them. To show that their bodies, regardless of what they are wearing, belong to an actual human being and are not merely objects of desire. That their physical features are not an invitation to be touched without their consent. To remind them that they are allowed to express their sexuality without any guilt or shame attached.

So we've put together a network of incredibly talented photographers who are willing to give their time + talent to create these images for survivors who'd like to tell their story visually and use photography as a medium for healing. We believe that by talking about our mental health, body image struggles, and the way that sexual violence affects it, we can help to remove some of the stigmas + create safe environment for survivors to seek support! 

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get involved

Survivors // If you'd like to set up a Reclaim session, just fill out this questionnaire and we'll connect you with one of our photographers!
Photographers // Please fill out this application if you'd like to volunteer to shoot with us!