Advocating every day

If you'd like to make a difference and work toward ending sexual violence, there are plenty of practical ways to do this in your day-to-day life! For starters, be a positive ally for the survivors you know. You can view some of our strategies here. You can also take a stand by shutting down offensive or ignorant conversations (like rape or domestic violence jokes), start insightful discussions in your community, and stay up to date on current events and legislature.

Supporting the louder coalition

One of the simplest ways to help us is to share our stories + posts on social media or with friends and family! We'd love it if you could commit to sharing a few posts every month to help us spread our message and to give our survivors' stories the platform they deserve. 

other ways to help

Joyful Heart Foundation // working toward ending the rape kit backlog, providing support for survivors
NOMORE // event organizing, helpful resources, and a pledge to help end domestic and sexual violence
RAINN // resources, data, and nationwide ways to get involved
Stop Violence Against Women // resources + advocacy information on gender-based violence
National Alliance to End Sexual Violence // sharing survivor stories + legislation information
It's On Us // resources + nationwide events
Denim Day
The US Department of Justice 
// sexual violence prevention for college campuses