the basics

Terminology is incredibly important when working with the topic of sexual violence. This subject demands the utmost care and requires being conscientious of each word that we choose. One of the most common scenarios is choosing between the words "victim" or "survivor."  We generally prefer and default to using "survivor," as it has a more uplifting and empowering connotation. However, there are many who self-identify as victims because it's the term that they relate to most. And that's okay. It's okay for people to not feel better or empowered or ready to move on. Not everybody will feel like they're surviving or like they've reclaimed their life quite yet. Rather than try to force the survivor mentality onto everyone, we prefer to give individuals a space to share wherever they may be within their own process.

If there are other terms + phrases you're unsure about, there's absolutely no harm in asking! We know that there's always a chance of offending someone, regardless of how careful we are, but it's crucial that we take the time to try to be sensitive to the best of our ability. 

Throughout our media platforms, we'll be exploring a pretty vast range of subjects: self-care in all of its forms, the legal process, rape culture, defining consent, empowerment. We will gladly accept any creative content that falls within the reach of these themes! We're also absolutely open to sharing a diverse group of content. Quirky, delicate, weird, bold, provocative, sassy, uncensored - we love it all. Whether you want to submit a written piece about PTSD, creative self-portrait, or just generally cool feministy stuff, all is welcome here.

If you're looking for facts, statistics, and other helpful resources, RAINN is chock-full of well-researched information to aid you in any of your pieces. We're also happy to help provide you with whatever you may need, especially if you'd like to be connected with a survivor to help tell their story. Just get in touch if there's something we can do to help!

visual inspiration

We don't want to cramp your style. We do, however, want to keep some semblance of consistency within the visual content that we share on our Facebook + Instagram (here on the site, we can be a bit more flexible). We'd love to stick with soft teals, blues, and pinks, paired with black/white/gray. Of course, you're totally welcome to throw in other colors as well!